Monday, October 1, 2007

SD Straight Talk Blog

SD Straight Talk Blog has been running for a year or so. It is edited by Joel Rosenthal who has had a lot of experience in South Dakota Republican politics and SD business. Check his "About Me" for more information. His perspective seems to be mostly nearly sensible middle of the road Republican. He is interested in more than politics however and his blog is worth checking. He also gets posts into the KELOLAND blog aggregator. Check this blog and SD War College and you might have as good an idea of what current GOP thought is that is possible without being one of them on the inside. So, if you are interested in old guard, new guard, Janklow, Pressler, etc GOP politics, you can't ignore these blogs even if I am not sure that Republican SD Straight Talk can be anything but an oxymoron..but then my bias and perspective is toward the other end of the political spectrum. Regular posts and moderated comments. A "Squarespace" blog.
New Window LINK to SD Straight Talk Blog.

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