Sunday, September 30, 2007

South Dakota Politics Blog

South Dakota Politics blog has a checkered past (see Old Version of SD Politics) and present. Specialization here has been attacks on Sen. Daschle. Some fueled by use of now discredited "Jeff Gannon" of "Talon News". It now includes posts by Dustin Adams, Ken Blanchard, Jon Schaff, and Jason Heppler. Read their "What They're Saying About SDP" endorsements, note the list of blogs in "The Dakota Alliance of Blogs" and there is no doubt about the Republican and rightwing orientation of the place. It is one of the blogs that has posts in the KELOLAND political blog aggregator. Usually well-written, but no doubt about the direct connections to the the Mighty Wurlitzer of the RNC and associated media, and most likely now as before with John Thune office and organization. But then you might want to take my comments on this blog with a grain of salt. Right now they happen to be attacking me.
No comments usually or ever allowed as far as I know.
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